Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Six Degrees of CARE

Q:  How can we support one another on a journey toward well-being, interconnectedness and joy, sustaining ourselves, each other and our environment in the process?

A:  By starting where we are and allowing ourselves to care. 

We must care about and have an engaged interest in creating a more just, sustainable world that works for all.

Yet before we can have a sustainable, meaningful existence, we must have peace.

Before we can have peace, we must have justice and healing.

Before we can have justice and healing, we must restore our compassion and empathy.

Before we can deepen our capacity for compassion and empathy, we must trust.

Before we can earnestly cultivate trust, we must care.

First and foremost, we must care. 

The foundation of our collective well-being is care. No relationship or system of relationships is sustainable without a foundation of genuine care...caring about, caring for and, ultimately, caring with.

We are catalyzing transformation to 
caring consciousness & caring communities
and more just, harmonious, sustainable societies via CAREGIVERISM:

Caring Culture
Caring Democracy
Caring Economy
Caring Ecosystems
Caring Education
Caring Organizations


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